K3 Dierenhotel Quotes

Danny: [in broken english to 'Brad Pitt']You see, Mr. Pitt? This is now woman from my dreams. You know her, Karen? The red one from K3? No? Ola lele? I'm feeling just like Ola lele? No? You must know this one: ''Who have I on the line'' [singing]
Danny: ''Who have I on the line? Hello, hello! [in dutch ]
Danny: No? Regrettable.

Movie: K3 Dierenhotel
Danny: [about Brad Pitt]What does he have what I don't have?
Karen: Hair, Danny.

Movie: K3 Dierenhotel
Kristel: We can't go back to the beauty farm from last year.
Rosie: Why not? Is it closed or something?
Kristel: Burned down.
Karen: Well, why do the put candles on the place where I want to dance?
Rosie: You must have seen a candle on the dancefloor.
Kristel: On the tables.

Movie: K3 Dierenhotel
Danny: [checking in a woman named Mrs. Lama]Smoking is forbidden and spitting too.

Movie: K3 Dierenhotel
Karen: [to Josje]Listen: that you didn't tell us about the animal hotel is not nice. Friends tell each other everything. But don't tell Kristel about it.

Movie: K3 Dierenhotel
Karen: [come into the Cafe with Josje, pulling suitcases]Good morning.
Kristel: No, Karen. No, no no.
Karen: Not a good morning?
Kristel: You are not going to the beautyfarm.
Karen: No, I can't. And I don't want to. That Shi-shi-Madam over there wants it.

Movie: K3 Dierenhotel
Paco: Look, who is there: Bas, our new boss. Maybe I can talk to him when I can finally go to Hawaii.
Bink: Paco, you know it doesn't make sence. Humans can't understand us.

Movie: K3 Dierenhotel
Rosie: Thursty [Marcel gives her a cocktail, she sips it]
Rosie: . Feet [Marcel takes the cocktail away and massages her feet]
Marcel: Rosie?
Rosie: No. What did we agreed? What do you supposed to do the whole weekend?
Marcel: To take care that since Rosie can't go the the beautyfarm, the beautyfarm comes to Rosie.
Rosie: Exactly, perfect. Continue! [Marcel massages her feet]
Rosie: Thursty!

Movie: K3 Dierenhotel
Nette: [seing Kristel and Bas covered with mud after work with sheep]Yuk, it's awful. I don't let their hands touch me.

Movie: K3 Dierenhotel
Bink: Why can't humans understand us? Life could be so much simpler.

Movie: K3 Dierenhotel
Josje: Kitty. Kitty. Kitty.
Karen: Will you stop with that Kitty stuff? I try to relax here. You can look for your cat somewhere else.
Josje: Oh, Kitty isn't a cat. Kitty is a...
Kitty: [suddenly appears in the whirlpool where Karen relaxes in, it is a crocodile]Hi.
Karen: Crorodile!
Josje: There it is.

Movie: K3 Dierenhotel
Nette: [Gekkie is tearing up the contact with his teeth]Very good, Gekkie.
Lazy: Is there a doctor in the room?

Movie: K3 Dierenhotel