High Society Quotes

Caroline Lord: Dexter, are you ever going to get married again?
Dexter: Sure I am, I'm just waiting for you to grow up.
Caroline Lord: Oh Dexter, for you I'll hurry.
Dexter: You're gonna have to.

Movie: High Society
Dexter: Hey, skipper, when do we eat?
Tracy: Now.
Dexter: Boy, you've been at it long enough.
Tracy: It's bride's prerogative.
Dexter: It's just I don't like you out of my sight for so long.
Tracy: That's nice.

Movie: High Society
Liz Imbrie: Mike, if I ever am in your way. Don't honk, just run over me.

Movie: High Society
Mike: She's a lovely girl.
Tracy: Yes, isn't she? Ah, but we're afraid she has a homicidal streak.

Movie: High Society
Mike: Didn't you once know a girl named Tracy Samantha Lord?
Dexter: Yes, I did.
Mike: No, you didn't! If you did, you wouldn't have let her go!

Movie: High Society
Tracy: I'm truly sorry to have been a disappointment to you.
Seth Lord: I've never said that and I never will.

Movie: High Society