Hey Cinderella! Quotes

Cinderella: [as the clock strikes midnight] Oh my goodness, I have to go!
Prince Arthur Charming: Oh, but you haven't even had any ice cream and cake.
Fairy Godmother: Step on it!
Cinderella: I'm coming!
Prince Arthur Charming: Whoever heard of not staying for the ice cream and cake?
Cinderella: I... I know but...
Prince Arthur Charming: Hey, don't you want to see Dad open his presents?
Cinderella: But, thank you for a lovely evening and please thank your father...
Prince Arthur Charming: Wait! The night is young!
Cinderella: Goodbye! [Cinderella runs from the palace, accidentally leaving a glass slipper behind]
Prince Arthur Charming: [following] Hey wait a minute! I don't even know who you... [there is the sound of glass breaking as he steps forward]
King Goshposh: Hey, what was that you stepped on son?
Prince Arthur Charming: I don't know. It looks like it used to be some sort of glass shoe...

TV Show: Hey Cinderella!
Fairy Godmother: [dancing with Splurge] Oh Splurge, I'm sorry, I didn't recognize you with your mask on!

TV Show: Hey Cinderella!