Heaven Is for Real Quotes

[first lines] Todd Burpo: Is heaven a hope? Or as real as the earth and sky? I once asked my grandfather that question. And he said by the time he knew the answer, it would be too late for him to tell me. The day would come when I asked that question again, staring into the eyes of my son.

Movie: Heaven Is for Real
Colton Burpo: [in the recovery room]Dad, I want to hold that spider.

Movie: Heaven Is for Real
Sonja Burpo: Honey, you know you should have turned the other cheek, though, right?
Cassie Burpo: I did turn his other cheek. When I hit him.
Colton Burpo: Is Cassie going to get a spanking.
Todd Burpo: Heck, no. I'm going to teach her how to hit without hurting her knuckles.

Movie: Heaven Is for Real
Todd Burpo: What if you have an experience so far beyond your own experience, it's irrational. What then?

Movie: Heaven Is for Real
Sonja Burpo: The next time I'm practicing your favorite hymn and you howl like a dog, I'm going to whip you like a dog.
Todd Burpo: Oh.
Sonja Burpo: Do you hear me?
Todd Burpo: Doesn't sound so bad.

Movie: Heaven Is for Real