Heartbeat Quotes

Jo Rowan: I didn't know you spoke Moose.
P.C. Nick Rowan: I told you, I've been trained for this.
Jo Rowan: Oh, so while we sat for three months in that flat in Calgary, you were off training to be an animal linguist?
P.C. Nick Rowan: After six years of working with Yorkshiremen, it's a piece of cake.

Movie: Heartbeat
Val: Caitie, do you exercise?
Caitie: What for? Death comes anyway.

Movie: Heartbeat
Vernon Scripps: Bernard, I've been thinking!
Bernard 'Bernie' Scripps: Yes that's what I've been worrying about

Movie: Heartbeat
[Alf was attacked by a gang of armed robbers but has managed to escape]
Oscar Blaketon: Are you all right?
Alf Ventress: A bit winded, that's all. A quick karate chop to get away - five years in the Commandos taught me that. And when you're in trouble, just lie doggo - thirty years of marriage to Mrs. Ventress taught me that.

Movie: Heartbeat
[Bellamy arrives at the scene of the crash on the moors]
Claude Jeremiah Greengrass: Summat's happened to Oscar! Get an ambulance!

Movie: Heartbeat
[last lines]
Sergeant Dennis Merton: [standing on a platform in the church at Tom's funeral] The first duty of a policeman, is the protection of life. Tom paid the ultimate price for carrying out that duty. His selfless action protected the lives of others, including my own. He was tragically struck down on the very day he came of age. That day Tom came of age in every sense. He proved himself a man, a man his colleages are fiercely proud and privillaged to have known. Tom took great pleasure in the music of Brass bands. Join together now, as they lead us in his favourite hymn. [the Brass band start playing "Amazing Grace" and the people of Aidensfield start singing]

Movie: Heartbeat