Gunsmoke - Return to Dodge Quotes

[first lines] [to two young Indian boys]
Logan: Git! [to Dillon, who is carrying a bale of furs]
Logan: Them papooses - I'd keep 'em out if I was you. If it ain't nailed down, they'll steal it.
Matt Dillon: They live here.
Logan: Well, I guess a squaw is better than no woman a'tall, huh?
Matt Dillon: You were given 15 years in territorial prison, Logan. What are you doin' out?
Logan: Lookin' for you. Been a long look, Dillon, but I promised myself I'd pay you back. Here I am.
Matt Dillon: Mister, you aren't the first gunny come lookin' for me. There's two more buried out in back there. Now you better drop the gunbelt.
Logan: Now why should I do that?
Matt Dillon: 'Cause I got one aimed right at your belly.
Logan: You gotta be desperate runnin' a bluff like that. [Dillon shoots the cup out of Logan's hand]
Matt Dillon: Drop the gun... Now that hideout gun that's holdin' up your backbone.
Logan: You don't leave a man a lot, do you, Marshal?
Matt Dillon: Mister, you didn't bring a whole lot with ya!

TV Show: Gunsmoke - Return to Dodge