Germania anno zero Quotes

Edmund: I have no work, and neither does Eva. My brother still won't report and get his card.
Il maestro: I understand, but what can I do?
Edmund: My father needs treatment. Can't you help me? What can I do?
Il maestro: There's nothing you can do. Times are hard for everyone, worse for weak and old people. You've done all you can.
Edmund: But what if he dies?
Il maestro: If he dies, he dies. We all die sooner or later. Would you rather die yourself or let an old man live?

Movie: Germania anno zero
Edmund: Your friend is in the work service?
Il maestro: He clears the ruins.
Edmund: No mandatory labor for you?
Il maestro: Luckily, no.
Edmund: My brother thought he'd have to. He stayed away.
Il maestro: They all should stay away, those that share our ideas. Remember? Long ago, your father falsified a document to get you out of Hitler Youth. But you said right away that it was false. You knew your duty. I should have reported your father for that, but I didn't because I like you.

Movie: Germania anno zero
Edmund: It wasn't my fault. I was with other boys.
Il padre: Enough! I don't want to hear any lies!
Eva: He didn't mean any harm, Papa. He wanted to get something to eat.
Il padre: I'll do without.
Karl-Heinz: Me, too. I'd rather die of hunger.
Eva: Easy for you to say.
Il padre: I can't stand it anymore, here in this bed.

Movie: Germania anno zero