Fury Quote

RJ: I did notice you were a little overpowered last time, so I got a gift for you to even out the odds. [opens drawer revealing sunglass-like morphers]
Lily: Sunglasses?
RJ: They're not just sunglasses. Their Solar Morphers. You ever hear of the Power Rangers?
Casey: Yeah, who hasn't?
RJ: Guess what? You...be...them.
Theo: No way! Ever since I was a little kid, I always wanted to be a -- if that what it takes.
RJ: The Power Rangers aren't part of the Order of the Claw, but I figured we needed everything we could get to fight the Dai Shi, so I knew this guy who knew this other guy who had an uncle who had a connection -- anyway, he tapped into the Morphing Grid, and, voilà. Your morphers.

Movie: Fury


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