Foyle's War Quotes

DCS Christopher Foyle: The uniform suits you.
Andrew Foyle: Thanks. I wish I could say the same about your dressing gown!

Movie: Foyle's War
Samantha Stewart: Yes, but... she was a German.
DCS Christopher Foyle: Well, that doesn't matter at all. She's a human being, and she was murdered. Murder is murder. You stop believing that, and we might as well not be fighting the war. Because you end up like the Nazis.

Movie: Foyle's War
Samantha Stewart: [Germany has just launched opearation Barbarossa, invasion of the Soviet Union] Can it be possible? The end of the war?
DCS Christopher Foyle: It would be nice to think so.
Samantha Stewart: Well I'm going to drink to it anyway, over by Christmas?
Sgt. Paul Milner: You said that last Christmas...
Samantha Stewart: All right then... New year?...
DCS Christopher Foyle: New year.

Movie: Foyle's War
Sir Reginald Walker: [to Foyle] Let me tell you something, Mr. Foyle. You may be at war, but I'm not - because business is bigger than war.

Movie: Foyle's War
Susan Gascoigne: [to milner] How much does the world have to change before people like us can behave how we want and not how we're expected?

Movie: Foyle's War
[Paige, Foyle's murder suspect, walks free because he is organizing American supplies for the war effort]
Howard Paige: You sound like a sore loser. You know what the French say? "C'est la guerre."
DCS Christopher Foyle: Precisely, Mr. Paige. "It's the war." And no war has lasted forever, and neither will this one. A year, maybe ten, but it will end. And when it does, Mr. Paige, you will still be a thief, a liar, and a murderer, and I will not have forgotten. And wherever you are, I will find you. You're not escaping justice, merely postponing it. Au revoir.

Movie: Foyle's War