Four Quotes

Joe: It was the 80s, and I was going through a rough point at that time. The good thing about this disease is... [referring to AIDS]
Joe: makes most people start thinking about sex instead of just having it. You know what I'm saying? Many people start thinking about the other person and what they may have inside of them. I think... this disease is the best thing that ever happened to gay men because... in a certain sense it has made us human.

Movie: Four
Joe: [on the cinematic experience]The lights go down, like sinking into a collective dream. Suddenly, you're anonymous. You get that sexual charge. Charge of excitement. Anticipation. Danger.

Movie: Four
Dexter: Look, if you gonna act all bitchy, I'll take you home.
Abigayle: Uh, you'll take me however I am - and don't call me a bitch.
Dexter: I did not call you a bitch.
Abigayle: Yes, you did.
Dexter: No. I didn't. I said you were acting bitchy. I wouldn't call you a bitch. I never call a woman a bitch.
Abigayle: You call your mother a bitch.
Dexter: That's my mother.

Movie: Four