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Felicity: Anyway, in my closet, I found this thing on my wall. It's a list of all the people who lived in this room before me - it went back to 1968. Randall Clark... Melissa Stone... Keith Bradshaw... Patty Tagliabue... I mean these names, these people I never heard of... you know, I just started wondering. I wonder where they are today, you know? How much they remember of their freshman year? I wonder if they're all still alive.

TV Show: Felicity
Felicity: I can't go with you, because that would make me the devil.
Ben Covington: Driving with me makes you the devil?
Felicity: Yes!
Felicity: I was in bed last night, just trying to figure it all out, like, what it would mean if we went together.
Ben Covington: How come everything has to have so much meaning? I mean, I've never met someone so desperate for meaning. Look, I'm leaving tonight, are you gonna come with me?
Felicity: I can't be having this conversation, because I am the devil.
Ben Covington: You keep saying you're the devil, I'll tell you what: You are not the devil.
Felicity: What if I am, then what?
Ben Covington: Then, I'd still want you to come with me.
Felicity: You would not.
Ben Covington: Yes, I would.
Felicity: Okay, first of all, you would not want me to go with you if I were the devil. And secondly, it's not just us, I mean, you know, there are other people involved.
Ben Covington: Yeah, but I like you, I can't help it. I mean, you're crazy! And you analyze everything, and that kind of scared me at first. But I don't know, you're really smart about things, and you've been a good friend to me, and I really like you.

TV Show: Felicity
Felicity: Sally, I would only say this to you, so after you listen to this tape, you have to erase it. But I can actually picture what it might be like to be with a man for the first time, sexually. If you're laughing at me right now, I don't blame you.

TV Show: Felicity
Felicity Porter: I wasn't sure why they bothered me so much - those stupid clippings from my dad about total strangers, who were my age, who just happened to know exactly what they're doing with their lives. As if that's all that matters. But they did bother me. They do bother me.

TV Show: Felicity
[Elena confronts Felicity about her affair with Noel]
Elena: Don't try to deny it. You just went whiter then usual.
Felicity: Who told you that?
Elena: That Halloween costume you live with. And if you want to know why I'm so upset, it's because if procedure as benign as a fridge lottery is susceptible to sexual conspiracy - what does that say about the whole system?
Felicity: You think I'm dating Noel to get an appliance?
Elena: I think you're dating Noel and getting an appliance.

TV Show: Felicity
[pointing to Felicity's nipples]
Jenny: Look! They stand up!

TV Show: Felicity