Fathers Day Quotes

Dale Putley: [Screeches to a halt all of a sudden] Could you see if there's someone lying in the road?
Jack Lawrence: [Looks back] No, nothing there.
Dale Putley: There's not a body lying in the road?
Jack Lawrence: A what?
Dale Putley: A body.
Jack Lawrence: [Gets out of the car and looks all around. The car had stopped on a country road in the middle of nowhere] No, nobody there.
Dale Putley: I often think that I've run someone over.

Movie: Fathers Day
Dale Putley: [singing] Gray skies are gonna clear up, sit on a happy...�

Movie: Fathers Day
Dale Putley: Do you have a boyfriend?
Woman with broken car: No!
Dale Putley: Good! Me neither!

Movie: Fathers Day
Jack Lawrence: You know what? Take my car.
Dale Putley: You're giving me your car, Jack? That's so Elvis of you.
Jack Lawrence: Not to keep. To take the airport. I'll have one of my interns pick it up in the morning.
Dale Putley: You want me driving your car?
Jack Lawrence: It's just a thing. It's a priceless, irreplaceable thing.

Movie: Fathers Day
Scott: I stole that money.
Jack Lawrence: Okay.
Scott: From drug dealers.
Dale Putley: ARE YOU NUTS?
Jack Lawrence: Hey calm down! Take it easy! Scott just give it back to them.
Scott: I spent it.
Dale Putley: Calm down, take it easy. Scott, you can't run from these guys. They'll find you. They'll come to your house, take all your money and then beat the shit out of you. Happened to me a few times.

Movie: Fathers Day
Scott: Why are you doing this?
Jack Lawrence: We're your fathers.

Movie: Fathers Day