Eragon Quotes

Eragon: Stand up!
Murtagh: [Laughs] All my life I've dreamed of dragons.
Eragon: Who are you, and why are you following us?
Murtagh: I'm Murtagh, and you need me, Dragon Rider.
Eragon: Thanks, but we're fine without you.
Murtagh: You seek the Varden? I know the mountains, every valley and stream. [points to Arya, who is on the ground]
Murtagh: She will suffer if you go astray.
Eragon: [suspicious] Why would you risk your life for us?
Murtagh: My family was slaughtered by the king's men when I was a boy. I heard rumors, they said a Rider had appeared. If there were ever a time for retribution, this was it.
Eragon: If you can show me the quickest way to the Varden.
Murtagh: Then to the Varden it is.
Murtagh: [walks forward a few steps, then stops and turns to Eragon] You'll learn to trust me, Dragon Rider. [Saphira growls]
Eragon: I'm not the only one you need to convince.

Movie: Eragon
Uncle Garrow: [talking to Eragon] Your mother was in a great hurry when she left you here.

Movie: Eragon
Ajihad: Which one of you is the Rider?
Eragon: [steps forward] I am. My name is Eragon.
Ajihad: I am Ajihad, leader of the Varden. If you are the Rider, then call your beast inside.
Eragon: [turns to the cave opening; talking to Saphira] Saphira, it's safe. Bring Arya, and be careful.

Movie: Eragon
Arya: Tell me your name.
Eragon: Eragon.
Arya: Eragon... I'm Arya, princess of Ellesmera. You're the only one who can save me.
Eragon: But how can I find you?
Arya: Durza holds me prisoner in Gil'ead.

Movie: Eragon
Eragon: [to Saphira] My vision is failing!
Saphira: [to Eragon] It's not you... but me.

Movie: Eragon
Eragon: [arguing with Saphira] I'm the rider, and I say we go!

Movie: Eragon