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Brian Taylor: How's you know you were gonna marry Gabby?
Mike Zavala: She told me. I was just some stoner working at my uncle's muffler shop and one day she grabbed me by the shoulders and says, 'we're getting married and you're joining the department because you can make a lot of money without a college degree.' And I was like, fuck yeah!
Brian Taylor: I mean, you love her. You guys like never fight. You're happy together.
Mike Zavala: She's my bitch for sure, dude. I'm just telling you the way it went down. I popped her cherry in high school. She's never been with anybody else. I've never wanted to be with anybody else. You know, it's easy.
Brian Taylor: Things are getting super serious with Janet and me.
Mike Zavala: What, you just found that out? You read that in the paper or something? Homegirl owns your ass, dude.
Brian Taylor: Dude, she wants to move in. She's always over, you know. Why spend the money on two apartments?
Mike Zavala: It's not about the money.
Brian Taylor: No, her parents are so traditional. They will go ballistic. But at least we can tell them we're engaged, you know.
Mike Zavala: Woah! Hold up, bro. Don't play with that shit. You don't ask a broad to marry you because her folks are old-school.
Brian Taylor: No, dude, you don't understand.
Mike Zavala: No, dude, you don't do that shit. Think about it, man. After you think about it, think about it again. Jesus. Marriage is forever. Just realize that. It's a promise before God.

Movie: End of Watch


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