End of Watch Quote

Brian Taylor: Sir, I don't want to cause any trouble here, but we just fucking rolled up here. I don't know what's going on. It's the second cowboy like this we've run into in a week.
Ice Agent: Watch out for these guys. They operate by a different set of rules.
Brian Taylor: I know I'm just a ghetto street cop, but you gotta give me something here.
Ice Agent: We got indicators he's a runner for the Sinaloa cartel.
Brian Taylor: Yeah, well, we ran him. He came up clean, dude.
Ice Agent: You guys don't have the proper clearance for any of this information, but I'm gonna throw you a bone. Cartels are operating here. We're on it. Be careful.
Mike Zavala: What does that mean, though?
Ice Agent: It means you and your homeboy need to power down. You just tugged on the tail of the snake and it's gonna turn around and bite you back. I'm throwing you a bone here. Be grateful for what I'm giving you. I'm giving you a warning. Lay low.
Brian Taylor: Can I get your name for my log?
Ice Agent: Negative. Move on.

Movie: End of Watch


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