End of Watch Quote

Brian Taylor: Touch me and I will fucking shoot you. Stay where you are.
Mr. Tre: I don't give a fuck about both you motherfuckers. I'm ready to die today. Fuck ya'll.
Brian Taylor: This can go one of several ways right now. It is all about your attitude.
Mr. Tre: Fuck you! I got my mail. I helped him! I helped him give me my mail! I'm getting tired of this shit. I'm not playing with ya'll.
Mike Zavala: Sir, if you've been drinking you need to stay the fuck inside and not intimidate the mailman. That's it.
Mr. Tre: Fuck you! You need to shut the fuck up 'cause without that badge and gun, you ain't shit! You're less than motherfucking nothing. You motherfucking border-hopping, donkey riding Mexican motherfucker.
Mike Zavala: Oh yeah? IS that so? You want to find out what I'm about? Let's settle this right here like grown men, motherfucker.
Mr. Tre: What did you say? You wanna take a fade? You wanna fight me?

Movie: End of Watch


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