Enchantment Quotes

Char: Traveling with an elf? What? Your boyfriend couldn't make it?
Ella: No.
Char: [disappointed] Oh.
Ella: Because I don't have a boyfriend.
Char: [happily] Oh.
Ella: What about you? Your girlfriend doesn't mind being left alone?
Char: I don't have a girlfriend.
Ella: [happily] Oh.
Char: I have many.
Ella: [disappointed] Oh.
Char: I'm kidding, you shouldn't believe everything you read in Medieval Teen.

Movie: Enchantment
Hattie: Hold your tongue, Ella. [Ella literally holds her tongue]
Prof. Edith: Ella!
Ella: [still holding her tongue] My tongue itches. [scratches her tongue]
Prof. Edith: Well, if you're not going to take this seriously, I will have to appoint the winner as Hattie.

Movie: Enchantment
Hattie: Ella stop kissing him. You are never to kiss him again.
Ella: You wanna bet? [takes her mother's necklace from Hattie and turns back to Char]
Char: Marry me?
Ella: Now that I'll do.

Movie: Enchantment