Encaged Quote

Patrick Prendergast 1.: - filming can take you many places, now once again I'm going to embark upon that new twenty-first century battle of the souls. Nicolas Cage may have only known what was going on for a mere moment in time maybe a summer, His prescence affected us all... I aplied to Facebook in March of 2010 with the intention of promoting my first film, 'cast a shadow.' It was within a month of doing so when I got immediatly caught up with th Nick Cage thing... as if though he descended up on me and relied on patrick pickle to promote his agenda,which may have ultimately been severe depression due to an ensuing bankruptcy. To Date I have never met the man in person. And the last hoax by the last entity of Nicolas Cage 'Luke Cage' took me to Vegas when he said he'd meet me there in 2013...

Movie: Encaged


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