Dragonwyck Quotes

Abigail Wells: [talking about Miranda] Sometimes when a woman's unhappy, she just can't talk about it, Ephraim.
Ephraim Wells: Are you gonna tell me it's a man? What man I'd like to know? She's given frostbite to every mother's son in the country.
Abigail Wells: Perhaps the right man hasn't come along.
Ephraim Wells: No, she won't find find him with her nose in the air, wanting what she can't get! A woman oughta get a man first and then want him!

Movie: Dragonwyck
Magda: You like it here?
Miranda Wells: [defensive] Of *course* I do!
Magda: Of course you do. You like being waited on - I could see tonight it was your first time. You like peaches out of season. You like the feel of silk sheets against your young body... And one day you'll wish with all your heart you'd never come to Dragonwyck!

Movie: Dragonwyck