Don Quixote Quotes

Don Quixote: [to Sancho] There is a world outside La Mancha. There is a great elsewhere, my neighbor. And there we may both find fame and fortune.

TV Show: Don Quixote
[first lines] Antonia: [knocking at church door]Father Nicolas! Are you there?
Father Nicolas: [now in confessional]What on earth is the matter?
Antonia: Please come at once, Father. He's getting worse!

Movie: Don Quixote
Don Quixote: Me thinks I have need of a squire.
Sancho Panza: Oh, a squire. What's a squire?
Don Quixote: To be my companion on glorious and chivalrous adventures.
Sancho Panza: Oh, like a slave.
Don Quixote: No, Sancho. No, a squire is to be prized above any slave or servant. For he is worth more than 20 ordinary men.
Sancho Panza: Well, okay. I must say senior, you are a much better load that any pile of manure I've ever carted.

Movie: Don Quixote
Sancho Panza: [advising Don Quixote not to fight]Act in haste, regret at leisure.

Movie: Don Quixote
[last lines] Sancho Panza: [narrating]So the noble Don Quixote of La Mancha set out on one final adventure. His legend lives on.

Movie: Don Quixote