Dodsworth Quotes

Sam Dodsworth: You'll have to stop getting younger someday.

Movie: Dodsworth
[last lines]
Fran Dodsworth: Are you going back to that washed-out expatriate in Naples?
Sam Dodsworth: Yes, and when I marry her, I'm going back to doing things.
Fran Dodsworth: Do you think you'll ever get me out of your blood?
Sam Dodsworth: Maybe not, but love has got to stop someplace short of suicide. [Dodsworth runs to the gangplank and jumps on just as it is lowered away from the ship. The boat whistle sounds]
Steward: But the gentleman will miss the boat!
Fran Dodsworth: [shouting above the boat whistle] HE'S GONE ASHORE! HE'S GONE ASHORE!

Movie: Dodsworth