Disorder in the Court Quotes

Judge: Take the stand.
Curly: [picks the chair up] Where'll I put it?
Judge: No, no, take the stand!
Curly: I got it! Now what'll I do with it?
Court clerk: [angrily sets it back down] SIDDOWN!

Movie: Disorder in the Court
Judge: Please control your killing instincts.

Movie: Disorder in the Court
Moe: Now Gaily's dance was over. I stuck my head in the office door, and I saw Koik Robin and Buck Wing ahgyin' over by the parrot cage!
District Attorney: What were they arguing about?
Moe: I dunno! But Buck Wing was sizzlin' like a hot hamboiguh! He grabs Koik by the neck like that, see, and drags him over to the letter press, see? [Demonstrates on Curly]
Moe: Then he smacks him on the head like that! [Continues demonstration on Curly]
Moe: Then he pokes his coconut into the letter press, see? Like that! Then he says, "I'll squeeze the cider outta yer Adam's apple!" Then he gives him the woiks, like this! Then he keeps toinin! And twistin'! And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the... [the grind of the letter press suddenly starts spinning counterclockwise, flying into the air and landing on Moe's head]

Movie: Disorder in the Court
Moe: [after Curly picks up all the jacks on one bounce of the ball] Hey! What's the idea of spoiling the game?
Curly: I was for onesies.
Moe: Well here's twosies. [pokes Curly in eyes on twosies, and Curly responds in pain]
Larry: [sounding cute] He did a onesie, you give 'em to... [stops when he sees Moe looking at him angrily]
Moe: [to Larry] Here's fivesies. [smacks him]

Movie: Disorder in the Court