Dick Tracy Quotes

Big Boy Caprice: You know, Dick - You mind if I call you "Dick"? My associates here would very much like to see you have a little accident. But I tell 'em, "No. I'll take care of Tracy myself," I tell 'em. You know why? I want you on my side! [takes out a wad of cash]
Big Boy Caprice: And let me tell you what my side is. My side is a lifetime of action and adventure with no clock to punch. It's treating that gal of yours 100%. She should be treated like a princess. Protected like a baby.
Dick Tracy: You gonna put *all* that money down there?
Big Boy Caprice: Fifteen thousand clams. It's a deal.
Itchy: Fifteen thousand claims.
Big Boy Caprice: Welcome to new waters, Dick! We're gonna run one hell of a ship with you aboard. There's a big world out there, and it's up for sale. All of it. All we gotta do is make sure that the people know I'm the one big enough to run it.
Dick Tracy: And that you are guilty of attempting to bribe an officer of the law.
Itchy: Hey, hey!
Flattop: Not so fast, coppa.
Big Boy Caprice: You dumb dick!

Movie: Dick Tracy
Itchy: Thirty seconds, no more Dick! Thirty seconds, no more Dick!

Movie: Dick Tracy
Pat Patton: I tell you, if I didn't know better I'd swear we were doing business with Boris Karloff.

Movie: Dick Tracy
[last lines] [Dick Tracy breaks another date with Tess to pursue a villain]
Tess Trueheart: [sigh] Sometimes, I wish I had been a super criminal.
Vitamin Flintheart: Why, my dear?
Tess Trueheart: Because then I might get to see something of Mr. Dick Tracy!

Movie: Dick Tracy
[repeated line]
Dick Tracy: Tess, you're one in a million.

Movie: Dick Tracy
[Breathless pours a drink for Dick Tracy]
Dick Tracy: I'm on duty.
Breathless Mahoney: What's your day off?
Dick Tracy: Sunday.
Breathless Mahoney: It's a big world... must be Sunday somewhere.

Movie: Dick Tracy