Crawl Quotes

[first lines]Rusty Sapp: Oh. What can I do for you? Just petrol, is it?

Movie: Crawl
[last lines]Slim Walding: Where did he go?
Marilyn Burns: Slim!

Movie: Crawl
Marilyn Burns: I got him a cake.
Holly: [smiles]He's only been gone six days. Isn't that a tad excessive?
Marilyn Burns: This could be one of the most important nights of my life, I've gotta do something, right?
Holly: [skeptic]You didn't... bake it yourself, did you?
Marilyn Burns: No, of course not, I don't wanna poison him. [giggles]

Movie: Crawl
Annie: I say, you get the house all ready for his arrival. Real romantic, you know? [Marilyn smiles, eyes glittering]
Annie: Fresh sheets on the bed... Lots of candles. Make sure you show plenty of skin... You'll be at it like rabbits!
Marilyn Burns: Annie!
Annie: What? It's your engagement night. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Movie: Crawl
Marilyn Burns: Travis...? [but nobody's there]
Marilyn Burns: Travis...? [a beastly hammering on the door, and she falls back ]
Marilyn Burns: Travis...?

Movie: Crawl
Annie: [left the cake, about to go, looks up at bedroom window, sees romantic candlelight, smiles]At it like rabbits.

Movie: Crawl
Marilyn Burns: [tied to the chair]This is my childhood home... this house. It belonged to my father.
The Stranger: Where is he?
Marilyn Burns: Dead. Passed on a couple years back. My mother died too. A long time ago now... when I was just a baby... I still feel as if she is here, though. Sometimes I hear things... at night.
The Stranger: Where is your car?
Marilyn Burns: I told you before, remember? Travis has it. He should be home any minute now. You can take it, he won't mind. [shakes her head tearfully]

Movie: Crawl
Holly: Just... go easy, all right? I could barely sit down after last time. [as he rolls up his sleeves: ]
Holly: So, please... take off those rings.
Slim Walding: Ooh! You sure are demanding, girl. There's only one boss around here. His name's on the door. [holding up his hand: ]
Slim Walding: Nah ah, no, no, no, get on your knees, and give me the crawl.

Movie: Crawl