Bugs Bonnets Quotes

Bugs Bunny: Okay, buster, what's the idea of shooting sergeants out of season?

Movie: Bugs Bonnets
Bugs Bunny: [to Elmer, wearing a gangster's hat, smoking a cigar] I told ya, Marooni, this was my territory. Told ya to keep out, so... [Bugs blows cigar smoke in Elmer's face while he says: ]
Bugs Bunny: I'm gonna rub ya out, Marooni, see? Yeah, rub ya... out, see? Yeah. See? Out. See? Out. [a police cap falls on Elmer's head]
Bugs Bunny: See?
Elmer Fudd: All wight, Wocky, you're comin' with me, you mawefactor!
Bugs Bunny: Hey, look, copper, we can settle this outta court. Yeah, moolah, yeah. [he hands Elmer a wad of cash]
Bugs Bunny: Ten G's, yeah. Buy somethin' for the kids, yeah.
Elmer Fudd: How dare you twy to bwibe me, you miscweant!

Movie: Bugs Bonnets