Bubble Boy Quotes

[while leading a pack of boys chasing the Ice Cream & Curry truck... ]
Ice Cream Boy: Ice Cream. Ice Cream.
Indian Boy: Curry. Curry.

Movie: Bubble Boy
Jimmy: I'm Jimmy.
Chloe: I'm Chloe.
Jimmy: Chloe! The whore next door!
Chloe: What? Where did you hear that?
Jimmy: My Mom, she teaches me everything.
Chloe: Well, really, she got it wrong. I'm actually more of a bitch than a whore.
Jimmy: A bitch. Oh yeah, a bitch. Absolutely a bitch.

Movie: Bubble Boy
Gil: Yes, the Round One. A holy messenger trapped in a living globe. We must find him and release him so that he will carry us, the only true believer, to the Kingdom of Heaven, while those who reject him will mutate and burn eternally on Planet PX41, and Planet PX42 if they run out of room. Now, if there are no further questions, let's move on to the buffet.

Movie: Bubble Boy
Jimmy: [laughing] You guys aren't a singing group... you're a cult!

Movie: Bubble Boy
Mr. Livingston: Kind of makes you wonder... What would have happened if Neil Armstrong had gone all the way to the moon and then never stepped on the surface?

Movie: Bubble Boy
Slim: What are you, some kind of Astronaut?
Jimmy: No, I'm some kind of bubble boy.

Movie: Bubble Boy