Broken Quotes

Sang-hyun: Sitting around, doing nothing is really the best thing I can do?

Movie: Broken
Sang-hyun: [Cries very hard]My daughter is dead!

Movie: Broken
Sang-hyun: I can't stop. If I stop, my daughter will be forgotten. [Continues to cry]

Movie: Broken
Marrick Weller: There were risks!

Movie: Broken
Evie: We all have things that disable us, John.

Movie: Broken
John: Look, Evie. You're here to look after me, so stop all that Dudley Do-right crap.

Movie: Broken
Dougie: You know what they say.
Evie: What?
Dougie: Caring is sharing.

Movie: Broken
Skunk: What would you do if I died, Dad?
Archie: I can't even answer that question.
Skunk: Would you cry?
Archie: Uh-huh.

Movie: Broken
Kasia: I'm off to bed.
Archie: All right then.
Kasia: Good night.
Archie: Good night.
Kasia: You can follow me up if you want.

Movie: Broken
Rick Buckley: Don't be scared. I just want your goodness. I just want your goodness.

Movie: Broken
Jed: Are you a lesbian?
Skunk: No.
Jed: You look like a lesbian.
Skunk: What does a lesbian look like?
Jed: [shrugs]Kind of ugly.

Movie: Broken
Mike Kiernan: You know it's kind of weird, isn't it, when you're in the middle of something, how these things can be so, oh, confusing?
Saskia: Mm-hmmm.
Mike Kiernan: You know. Unclear.
Saskia: What are you talking about?

Movie: Broken
Skunk: Are you going to marry her?
Archie: I don't know.
Skunk: Are you?
Archie: I don't know, love.
Skunk: Because she'll leave us the way she left Mike. Like Mum left us. Like everyone does.

Movie: Broken