Brimstone Quotes

Deputy Art Benson: Mucho gracias, senor. I always speak Spanish when I'm eatin' - gives it a better flavor.

TV Show: Brimstone
Ezekiel Stone: [seeing The Devil disguised as a motorcycle cop] Don't you know it's against the law to impersonate a police officer?
The Devil: What do you think you're doing, Ezekiel? You're impersonating a human being.

TV Show: Brimstone
Ezekiel Stone: You really push a man to the brink.
The Devil: I am the brink.

TV Show: Brimstone
Ezekiel Stone: Do you know anything about faith?
The Devil: Faith? I was present at its creation.

TV Show: Brimstone
Ezekiel Stone: Why don't you try and just enjoy some of the beautiful things in this world? Just one. Try it on for size.
The Devil: Believe me, it won't fit.

TV Show: Brimstone
[the Devil and Stone meet in an elevator for a conference]
The Devil: You know, before they invented the elevator, I had to walk all the way from hell.
Ezekiel Stone: Glad to hear it.
The Devil: Second throughts, Ezekiel?
Ezekiel Stone: Can't you find someone else to torture?
The Devil: Millions of them. They can wait. Everyone's in such a rush. I say, stop and smell the burning flesh of sinners.

TV Show: Brimstone
The Reverend: People think it's the flames that make Hell unbearable. It's not. It is the absence of love.

Movie: Brimstone
The Reverend: I will love you and you will learn to love me. It is God's will.
Joanna: I will kill you.
The Reverend: That would not stop me.
Joanna: You are mad.
The Reverend: Who was that man? He put foolish thoughts in your mind.
Joanna: He helped me. I love him.
The Reverend: No, you do not. It is lust.
Joanna: Yes.
The Reverend: I will beat your mother out of you.

Movie: Brimstone
The Reverend: I have sinned. I'm going to burn in Hell forever.
The Reverend: I threw away the right to go to Heaven. But you made me do it.
The Reverend: Only you can save me.

Movie: Brimstone
The Reverend: You think that you can come in here and take what belongs to me?
Crawling outlaw: [holding slaughter gun to the Reverend's head]Yeah. What do you think? That God's gonna come down here and save you?
The Reverend: [grabs the gun and turns it on him]I am as God. He is as I am. [shoots him]

Movie: Brimstone
The Reverend: I could tell you about Hell. About its flames. About the pain. I'm sure you people have tried to imagine what it's like. It's worse.

Movie: Brimstone
[first lines] Liz: [narrating]As life progresses, images blur. All that remains are memories. Some of them true, some of them false. I remember her well - at least I think I do. She was a warrior. In the old century, you had to be in order to survive.

Movie: Brimstone
Nathan: [about Liz]She belongs in hell, Reverend.

Movie: Brimstone
The Reverend: [suddenly stabs him in the gut]
Eli: Why?
The Reverend: Because she loves you.

Movie: Brimstone