Breakout Quotes

Tommy Baxter: You a man of faith?

Movie: Breakout
Kenny Baxter: Tommy said I could have this comic.
Clive: Uh, gas, chips, comic books, $37.52. [Kenny walks out the door with the comic book]
Clive: Hey, what's the matter with him? He some sort of retard or something? [Tommy looks up at Clive but doesn't say anything]
Tommy Baxter: Keep the change.
Clive: Hey, you forgot your chips, sir. [Tommy walks out the door without his chips]
Clive: Asshole.

Movie: Breakout
Tommy Baxter: [shouting out to Jack]I can track cougar! I can track bear! And I can track you! Can't deny the Lord's will. Come on out, hero. Be a man! Your day is coming. Damn straight it is.

Movie: Breakout