Boston Blackie Quotes

Cecelia Bradley: You thrive on this sort of excitement, don't you?
Horatio 'Boston Blackie' Black: Well, it's better than vegetating.
Cecelia Bradley: Couldn't anyone ever make you live like other people do?
Horatio 'Boston Blackie' Black: You mean a normal life with a social security number and a bank book? [Chuckles]
Horatio 'Boston Blackie' Black: I'm afraid not.
Cecelia Bradley: Not anyone?
Horatio 'Boston Blackie' Black: Unh-unh.
Cecelia Bradley: Why?
Horatio 'Boston Blackie' Black: Because she'd probably want to wait up for me nights with a light burning in the window.
Cecelia Bradley: Is that bad?
Horatio 'Boston Blackie' Black: Yes. I'm not in the habit of entering a house until all the lights are out.

Movie: Boston Blackie
Horatio 'Boston Blackie' Black: If we don't find Miss Howard he may be able to convict us of a murder we didn't commit. Electrocutuion is so permanent.

Movie: Boston Blackie
Mary Wesley: You will call Blackie when you hear from Nick, won't you?
C.A. Vincent: Of course I will. [a newspaper headline of the grocery store robbery grabs Vincent's attention]
C.A. Vincent: Wait a minute, Blackie! I'm afraid I've already heard from Nick.

Movie: Boston Blackie