Bleach (manga) Quote

Ichigo: Bankai!! [Ichigo unleashes his final release] Tensa Zangetsu.
Byakuya: What is that? Are you saying that this small thing is a bankai? Isn't it just the sealed form of your zanpakuto? I see. First the execution, and now Bankai. I can see that you enjoy treading on our pride. Very well, then. I will carve into your body...The punishment for injuring our pride! [Byakuya tries to attack Ichigo, but Ichigo's Bankai allows him to move much faster than before. Ichigo appears right in front of Byakuya, holding Tensa Zangetsu at Byakuya's throat] What...!?
Ichigo: "Our pride?" It seems that your "pride" is connected to killing Rukia. In that case...Then treading on your pride...Is the reason I achieved Bankai!!

TV Show: Bleach (manga)


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