Blackbeard, the Pirate Quotes

Blackbeard: [gesturing with his cutlass at Edwina's neck] Morgan! You take this ship, and you take her head with it!
Sir Henry Morgan: Call off your men, and cast adrift.
Morgan's First Mate: But we're winning, sir! We have them at our mercy, and the ship is ours.
Sir Henry Morgan: You heard my orders! Cast off, I say!
Morgan's First Mate: Aye aye, sir! [to the crew]
Morgan's First Mate: Cut loose those srapnels! Cast off, solid!
Blackbeard: Heh, heh, I knew it... [Blackbeard's crew cheers and waves their swords at Morgan and his crew]
Blackbeard: We'll call this one a draw, Morgan!

Movie: Blackbeard, the Pirate
Edwina Mansfield: [to Blackbeard] You slimy coward! You'd make the flesh crawl on a squid!

Movie: Blackbeard, the Pirate