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Diane Templeton: [shows Steve her microscope] Here, take a look. What do you see?
Steve 'Mac' McCreary: A lot of little maggots.
Diane Templeton: Well take a good look. A few million years ago, one of them was you. One day, maybe a million years later, you floated upwards, you and many others. The wheels of life began to turn. A billion living things were snuffed out. A few were launched into a new cycle, you among them, because you were strong. That's how life began. Ages went by, and you got the cells and the muscles that enabled you to think and dream and smile. You really became human when you learned how to smile.
Steve 'Mac' McCreary: Ah, you read all that out of book. You don't know what life is. You've only played around with it and read about it, but you never lived it!
Diane Templeton: But you didn't let me finish. There are millions of years between you and what you just saw under that microscope, but as far as you're concerned, it was a waste of time, because you don't know *how* to smile.

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Doctor: I guess you're finding the Sun kind of hard to take, after the North Atlantic.
Captain Murrell: Oh, it doesn't matter. It's always either too cold or too hot, wherever there's a war on.

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Irena: I'm waiting for someone to touch me with kindness.

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Lt. Loomis: Sorry about what?
Brice: Uh... she was... asking about Winters.
Lt. Loomis: What'd you tell her?
Brice: The story.

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Michael: Another problem was that those producers had very big budgets. I don't have a budget. We don't need no stinkin' budgets!

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