Begin Again Quotes

Dan: You can tell a lot about a person by what's on their playlist.
Greta: I know you can. That's what's worrying me.

Movie: Begin Again
Greta: You know, I wasn't trying to win you over. I was telling you to fuck off.

Movie: Begin Again
Dan: That's what I love about music.
Greta: What?
Dan: One of the most banal scenes is suddenly invested with so much meaning! All these banalities - They're suddenly turned into these... these beautiful, effervescent pearls. From Music.

Movie: Begin Again
Greta: I just think you have let your troubles get in the way of your entire life.

Movie: Begin Again
Gretta: I told you, I write songs from time to time.
Dan: What do you write them for?
Gretta: What do you mean what for? For my pleasure. And for my cat.
Dan: Oh really? Does he like them?
Gretta: She. Yes, she seems to.
Dan: How do you know?
Gretta: Because she purrs.
Dan: Maybe she's booing.
Gretta: No, she purrs at Leonard Cohen, too, and she has very good taste.
Dan: Maybe she's fucking with you.

Movie: Begin Again
Dan: She's English; she's a little uptight.

Movie: Begin Again
Dan: Don't you know anything about your father?
Violet: Yeah.
Dan: What?
Violet: I do. I know what mom says.
Dan: What does mom say?
Violet: She says you're a pathetic loser.
Dan: She says that affectionately.

Movie: Begin Again
Dan: That's some song you got there. I promise you it could be a big hit. Plus you're beautiful.
Gretta: I'm sorry, what's beauty got to do with anything?
Dan: Jesus, you're tricky, aren't you?

Movie: Begin Again
Dave: I wanted to turn it into a hit.
Greta: Why?

Movie: Begin Again
Dan: Musicians for the most part are monosyllabic teenagers who really don't have a whole lot to say.

Movie: Begin Again
Dan: I love you.
Violet: I know you do.

Movie: Begin Again
Miriam Hart: No girls like her, she is distant, and basically the only people that want to hang out with her are older boys who want to fuck her.
Dan: Oh really? And you find that a big surprise? You let her walk out of the house looking like, fuck, Jodie Foster from Taxi Driver.
Miriam Hart: She dresses the way she wants to. And besides, any daughter who dresses like that only wants one thing.
Dan: A pimp?

Movie: Begin Again
Steve: The world's first Jag mobile recording studio is done!

Movie: Begin Again
Dan: I'm a producer because I don't play bass, baby.

Movie: Begin Again
Greta: Are you really an A & R man? You look more like a homeless man.

Movie: Begin Again
Greta: You can't sign me and I don't want to be signed.
Dan: That's right! What's not to like?

Movie: Begin Again