Before and After Quotes

[Jude visits her and Jake's tree house]
Judith Ryan: Jake? I know you don't wanna talk, but I just need to see you. Can I come up? Please? [No response. Jude turns away, dejected. Then, the ladder falls down. Jude climbs up]
Judith Ryan: Can I just ask you one question? [Jake says nothing]
Judith Ryan: Did you ever really go anywhere, Jake? [Jake still says nothing]
Judith Ryan: Okay. That's cool. I understand. But, just so you know, when you were in that jail, I tried to come. They wouldn't let me. Jake, I really wanted to see you. They act like they have to protect me from all of this. I'm sure they can't even protect themselves. And I hear plenty; I know what's going on. Like... Mom's had to close her office. She says, "It's just temporary." Sure, gimme a break. [pause]
Judith Ryan: Well, anyway, that's all. I just wanted to ask about the postcards. No big deal. [she starts to leave]
Jacob Ryan: Jude, wait. Don't go. Once or twice a week, I'd take the train out to a local airport. Then, I'd find a flight that was going where I wanted to go. And then, I'd find somebody that wouldn't mind mailing a card from me when they got there. And I said that, "I'm on my vacation, I forgot to send this, and I don't want my parents to think I don't miss them." And then I'd sit in one of those chairs, you know? At the waiting area in the airport? I'd shut my eyes like this... and sit. [pause]
Jacob Ryan: Then, I'm right there with them. I went to all of those places, Jude. You won't say anything, will you? Nobody else will understand. [Jude makes a gesture that her lips are locked and sealed]

Movie: Before and After