Beast Quotes

Pascal Renouf: Can you keep a secret?

Movie: Beast
Hilary Huntington: Who was that?
Moll: No one. Just... He gave me a lift the other night.
Hilary Huntington: Could smell him a mile off.

Movie: Beast
Polly: I didn't expect to see...
Moll: My boyfriend?
Polly: Wow! Good for you. What is it about him?
Moll: His smell.

Movie: Beast
Clifford: This doesn't mean Pascal isn't bad news. And it doesn't change the way I feel about you.
Moll: Do you know what I dislike most about you, Cliff? [pause]
Moll: Your smell.

Movie: Beast
[last lines] Pascal Renouf: Wait. wait. [pause]
Pascal Renouf: We're the same.

Movie: Beast
Hilary Huntington: [Glancing at Pascal through a window]You need to put a leash on him.
Moll: He's just playing with Jade.
Hilary Huntington: He's ruining the grass.

Movie: Beast
Hilary Huntington: Your father's been acting up, where have you been?
Moll: I'm in a relationship, Mum. I can't be there all the time.
Hilary Huntington: [scoffs]Sweetheart, you can't just change the rules because someone's shown an interest. Maybe I've been too soft on you.

Movie: Beast
Moll: I'd like to make a toast. To my family. For everything you have done for me... I forgive you.

Movie: Beast
Theresa Kelly: Why did you leave your own birthday party?
Moll: I didn't enjoy the company.

Movie: Beast
Theresa Kelly: Are you protecting Pascal because you think he's innocent or is this just another way of taking revenge on the world?

Movie: Beast