Battle Beyond the Stars Quotes

Akira Governor: We live by the Varda; the Varda is not to fight. The Akira haven't fought for centuries!
Shad: The Varda teach us that each form has its function.
Dr. Hephaestus: Forms must prey on other forms.
Shad: That's not what the Varda teach us. We prey on nobody.
Nell: The Varda say we can take life to save life.
Nell: If it can't hurt you, forget about it. That's what the Varda say.
Shad: [to St. Exmin] The Varda teach us that swift rain is little rain.
Lux: [to the Mercenaries] The Varda teach us to trust first and judge later.
Shad: The First Law of the Varda is to use greater strength/force against itself.
Shad: The Varda teach us that no life-force is ended until all the lives that it has touched have ended, until all the good that it has done is gone.

Movie: Battle Beyond the Stars
Cowboy: [upon seeing Gelt] Well, Shad, who's this?
Shad: Do you want your name used?
Gelt: My name is Gelt.
Cowboy: Howdy, Gelt. I'm from Earth. Know where that is?
Gelt: I was born in space.
Cowboy: Okay, well, just know that I've always got your back.
Gelt: Nobody goes behind me!
Cowboy: Oh, you keep a tail light on, huh?

Movie: Battle Beyond the Stars
[after a dogfight against the Malmori]
Saint-Exmin: Shad, did you see me on the monitor? There was a fighter right on my tail... I pulled up... and smashed him into an asteroid!
Shad: [grimly] I'm glad this is so much fun for you. These aren't YOUR people we're fighting for.
Saint-Exmin: It's not that I don't empathize; That's the Valkyrie Creed: Live fast, fight well and have a beautiful ending.
Shad: [looking her in the eyes] NO VIOLENT DEATH IS BEAUTIFUL!
Saint-Exmin: [smiling] You've never seen a Valkyrie go down...

Movie: Battle Beyond the Stars
[after "Hammerhead" wings Gelt]
Shad: Gelt! Are you okay?
Gelt: [just prior to force-landing back on Akir] That remains to be seen, Shad. Have a nice fight!

Movie: Battle Beyond the Stars
[after Shad and Company have arrived on Akir]
Cayman of the Lambda Zone: HAIL THE CONQUERING HEROES!
Shad: I'm sorry; they must be afraid.
Cayman of the Lambda Zone: Afraid of what?
Shad: All of you. They're not accustomed to violence, or to violent forms.
Saint-Exmin: That's a hell of a note!

Movie: Battle Beyond the Stars
[Shad can't bring himself to shoot down Kalo and Tembo's Malmori warship]
Shad: Can we outrun them?
Nell: We sure as hell can't OUTFIGHT them, not with YOU in the driver's seat...! [And after they've escaped]
Nell: ... Turning my backside to those Malmori S.O.B.s! I can't believe it! You got no BACKBONE, kid! When Zed was your age...
Shad: My job is ONLY to find mercenaries. And I'm NOT Zed.
Nell: I'll say; Not even a pale imitation.
Shad: [insulted] You know, I thought I did pretty well back there; YOU'RE still in one piece, aren't you?
Nell: Oh, sure; If they ever start giving out prizes for running away, YOU'LL be Champion of the Universe!

Movie: Battle Beyond the Stars