Barely Lethal Quotes

Megan Walsh: She better bring fire! She better bring thunder! She better bring hell! Just tell her to bring it before 10: 30, I've got a curfew.

Movie: Barely Lethal
Hardman: Prescotts don't cry! Why is she crying?
Leonard Steinman: Maybe she saw The Notebook one too many times! Adolescence is a very volatile time for a young woman!
Megan Walsh: [crying]He so gets me!

Movie: Barely Lethal
Liz Larson: Stabbing people is fun. Are there going to be more people for me to stab?

Movie: Barely Lethal
Victoria Knox: Still playing dress-up with 007-year-olds?

Movie: Barely Lethal
Hardman: Anyone talks, eventually.
Victoria Knox: I'm not just anyone. Am I, Dumbledore?
Hardman: You could have played with the good guys.
Victoria Knox: Good guys? We destroy lives.
Hardman: Only the ones that need to be destroyed.
Victoria Knox: I'm not talking about the targets.

Movie: Barely Lethal
Megan Walsh: How did you find me?
Hardman: Same way I learned to tie a bow tie and slice a pineapple - YouTube.

Movie: Barely Lethal
Megan Walsh: [acting drunk at night]But I'm fine, no; I'm okay. I mean, look at this, the sun is out, the clouds are shining; [sighs]
Megan Walsh: You are Parker and you are Liz. [exchanges glances with Liz]
Megan Walsh: You're scared of me.
Liz Larson: Oh, yes. I am.

Movie: Barely Lethal
Gooch: Sure, I'm no Vera Farmiga, but I think I have talent.

Movie: Barely Lethal