Barbary-Coast Bunny Quotes

Nasty Canasta: I got a full house. What you got, sucker?
Bugs Bunny: Gee, does that beat me? All I got is two pair. A pair of ones, and another pair of ones. [Puts down four aces; Canasta quivers his lips in despair]
Bugs Bunny: Hey, do you mean I win again?
Nasty Canasta: [Pulls a gun on Bugs] Yeah, you win. But now we're gonna play another little game.
Bugs Bunny: Another game? Hey, that's great. What do you do, spin this little gadget? [Bugs spins the cylinder on the gun, and money pours out the barrel; Canasta tries it, the gun goes off on his face]

Movie: Barbary-Coast Bunny