Barbarella Quotes

Barbarella: Listen you kids, untie me or I'll call your parents!

Movie: Barbarella
Professor Ping: Genius is mysterious.

Movie: Barbarella
The Great Tyrant: Hello, pretty pretty.
Barbarella: Hello...
The Great Tyrant: Do you want to come and play with me? For someone like you I charge nothing. You're very pretty, Pretty-Pretty.
Barbarella: My name isn't pretty-pretty, it's Barbarella.

Movie: Barbarella
The Great Tyrant: The Mathmos has created this bubble to protect itself from your innocence.
The Great Tyrant: You are so good you made the Mathmos vomit!

Movie: Barbarella
[last lines]
Barbarella: [as Pygar flies away from the ruins of SoGo, with Barbarella under one arm and the Great Tyrant under the other] Pygar! Why did you save her, after all the terrible things she did to you?
Pygar: [serenely] An angel has no memory.

Movie: Barbarella