Balto - Wolf Quest (V) Quotes

Balto: How about they spend the night with me, then tomorrow we can all go on a picnic?

Movie: Balto - Wolf Quest (V)
Balto: Jenna.
Jenna: Balto, what are you doing here so early? Is Aleu alright?
Balto: I don't know. I was hoping she was with you. She's... kinda mad at me.
Jenna: Stay there. [runs outside]
Jenna: Now tell me what happened.
Balto: [hops down from stack of crates] A hunter took aim at her.
Jenna: [gasps]
Balto: No, no. Don't worry. We got away. But I... finally had to tell her how humans see her.
Jenna: You mean you told her about being part...?
Balto: Yes. I should've done it sooner. I know that now. She's so angry with me. She must've run away.
Jenna: Run away?
Balto: I'm sorry, Jenna. I never thought it would turn out this way. I thought I could keep her safe.
Jenna: B-B-But she's not safe, she's running wild!
Balto: No, not you, Jenna. This is my fault, and it's something Aleu and I have to work out together. Don't worry. I'll find her.

Movie: Balto - Wolf Quest (V)
Balto: [climbing onto the ice floe; an angry look is on his face] Niju! Leave her be!
Aleu: Papa! You should be with the rest of the clan! You've got to lead them across!
Balto: I will! Once I take care of him!

Movie: Balto - Wolf Quest (V)
Balto: Boris took me in and, after being raised by a goose it's a wonder I don't honk instead of bark.

Movie: Balto - Wolf Quest (V)
Balto: Come on, being different is painful. Nobody knows that better than me. You know how some of the dogs around here still tease me because I'm half wolf?

Movie: Balto - Wolf Quest (V)