Bad Words Quotes

Guy Trilby: [to a mother who swore in the presence of Chai]Why don't you take your potty mouth, go locate your pre-teen cock-sucking son and stuff him back up that old blown-out sweat sock of a vagina and scoot off back to whatever shit-kicking town you came from!

Movie: Bad Words
Guy Trilby: You sleep good dickhead?

Movie: Bad Words
Chaitanya Chopra: Do you remember your winning word? I'm Chaitanya, remember?
Guy Trilby: I can't do it again, Shwarma.
Chaitanya Chopra: Chaitanya. How about just your favorite word?
Guy Trilby: I'm serious pal.
Chaitanya Chopra: You don't have one?
Guy Trilby: I don't. Nope. Sorry.
Chaitanya Chopra: Mine is subjugate. It just sounds so cool, you know? Subjugate. Subjugate. Subjugate. What's yours?
Guy Trilby: How about 'shut the fuck up?'
Chaitanya Chopra: Well, that's four words - a sentence, really.

Movie: Bad Words
Chaitanya Chopra: This soda pop is so delicious.
Guy Trilby: I'd just say soda, otherwise you're gonna get raped.

Movie: Bad Words
Proctor at Spelling Bee: So, are you a judge?
Guy Trilby: No. I'm the WINNER.

Movie: Bad Words
Guy Trilby: Hey, Moms, let's break out the rubber pillowcases tonight. Little pricks, you're gonna be countin' tears, not sheep.

Movie: Bad Words
Jenny Widgeon: I wouldn't let you near my vagina again if you gave me a million dollars! [cut to Guy and Jenny having sex in the shower]
Jenny Widgeon: Don't look at me!

Movie: Bad Words
Jenny Widgeon: I was wondering what the grammatical significance of that sentence is: Why run from fire ants?
Guy Trilby: Well, every vowel's in there, starting with the u, going to the a. Right, it's backwards?
Jenny Widgeon: ...Well, I guess it's pretty easy, y'know, for a sentence. Y'know, I wish there was one word that had all the vowels in it in alphabetical order.
Guy Trilby: Facetious.
Jenny Widgeon: Sonofabitch!

Movie: Bad Words
[Trilby gives Dr Bowman a letter] Dr. Bowman: [rips up the letter]What could YOU give me that would be so interesting to read?
Guy Trilby: [disappointed]Well, there's a part in there about me being your son. [walks off]

Movie: Bad Words
Guy Trilby: I'm not that good at a lot of stuff. Especially thinking things through. And that's why this plan was so shitty. But my feelings were hurt, and I'm glad I at least did something about it. Making bad decisions is nothing new to me.

Movie: Bad Words
Chaitanya Chopra: Not everything is about winning.
Guy Trilby: I know that's true. Closure is pretty nice too.

Movie: Bad Words
Guy Trilby: [to Chaitanya]If you don't point your curry hole that way, and sit your fucking ass back down in that seat, I'm gonna tell the captain that your bag is ticking.

Movie: Bad Words