Baby Bottleneck Quotes

[answering phones at the stork's office]
Daffy Duck: Good morning, Pig-&-Duck-Nip-n-Tuck Delivery Service. Yes, madam, your baby's on the way, yesirree. Parcel post. Good morning? I'm sorry, Bing, you've used up your quota. Hello? Oh yes, Mr. Canter. You say you haven't got that boy yet? Well, if at first you don't succeed... [laughs and goes to a long-distance phone]
Daffy Duck: Hello? Oh, Mr. Dione. What? Mr. Dione, *please*. Hello? Yes, I know all deliveries are late. Oh, yeah? Well you're another! Hello? Sorry but... *quiet*! [the phones stop ringing. Daffy sighs with relief]

Movie: Baby Bottleneck