America Quotes

Belize: Look at that heavy sky out there.
Louis Ironson: Purple.
Belize: Purple? What kind of a homosexual are you anyway? That's not purple, Mary, that color out there... is mauve.

Movie: America
Eddie: Dear Mom, **** you.

Movie: America
Lee: Okay. Siegfried and Roy just left the building.
Danny: Siegfried and Roy are here?
Lee: No. Not the real Siegfried and R... It's a code. *You* wanted to play this stupid game, you schmuck.

Movie: America
Sean Penn: Last year I went to Iraq. Before Team America showed up, it was a happy place. They had flowery meadows and rainbow skies, and rivers made of chocolate, where the children danced and laughed and played with gumdrop smiles.

Movie: America
[Cleo McDowell meets the Queen of Zamunda]
Cleo: I don't know whether to shake your hand, or kiss it, or bow, or what. [chuckles]
Cleo: I feel like breakdancing.

Movie: America
[last lines]
Commissioner Dryden: Thanks to Captain America, who we now know to be our fighting District Attorney, the Scarab and his murderous gang will pay the supreme penalty in the electric chair at the stroke of midnight tonight. To review the Scarab's crimes...
Mayor Randolph: No need to review them now. These convictions definitely prove that crime doesn't pay. I want to say that the people of this city owe a great deal to you, Mr. District Attorney, uh, Captain America.
Captain America: Thank you, but we owe a great deal more to Gail. Her cleverness tipped me off to the Scarab's identity.
Gail Richards: But Captain America arrived in time to capture the Scarab. [the clock begins to strike]
Gail Richards: It's midnight.
Commissioner Dryden: The toll of doom for the Scarab!

Movie: America