Ambush Quotes

Lt. Linus Delaney: Well, I never thought I'd see the day.
Ward Kinsman: That's the point, isn't it? To live to see the day.

Movie: Ambush
Matt Helm: [passing each other] Hi!
Francesca Madeiros: A little.

Movie: Ambush
Sheila Sommers: [referring to Francesca] You don't trust her, do you?
Matt Helm: I don't trust any woman.

Movie: Ambush
Ward Kinsman: Did you ever figure that maybe I won't get back?
Lt. Linus Delaney: You'll make it. People only die when they have something to live for.
Ward Kinsman: I know. That's why I'm a little worried...for the first time.

Movie: Ambush
[I.C.E. agents are receiving instruction on the latest equipment.]
Female Instructor: [holding ray gun] This little gadget here dissolves metal electronically. Easy to conceal, extremely effective in times of danger. [She points the gun and dissolves the belt buckle off a clothed mannequin. His pants fall to the ground.]
First female student: That's when the danger usually starts!
Second female student: [seductively] I like my way better!

Movie: Ambush