All In Quotes

Archie Bunker: Let's cut the funnies out, huh. This is very serious. You know what I'm saying to you. I'm saying, that youse guys ought to stick with yourselves.
Lionel Jefferson: You mean guys ought to stay with guys? [laughter]
Archie Bunker: You know what I'm talking about Lionel. I'm saying that whites ought to stay with whites aaand, coloreds ought to stay with coloreds.
Lionel Jefferson: Look Mr. Bunker. Its been a year and a half now since we moved into this neighborhood. I was just 19 then and I got a big kick out of you and me for a long time. But I'm pushing 21 now and I'm not getting that big a kick out of it anymore.
Archie Bunker: Alright Lionel, put lid on all of that.
Lionel Jefferson: No, no, wait, I'm not finished, now... now, we've been friends and we can go on being friends. But when it comes to black and white and all the other wonderful thoughts you have in between... put a lid on that Archie.

Movie: All In
Archie Bunker: I couldn't go to that thing even if I wanted to. We're supposed to be busy in here tonight.
Harry Snowden: I can handle it. I think you should go to the school show.
Archie Bunker: I hate school shows. I've hated school shows ever since I was this high. God, will I never forget. There was always some kid pounding a piano, and there was always some four-eyed sissy torturing a violin, a fat slob reciting Trees, and then there was always the black kid singing, My Yiddishe Mome.

Movie: All In
Mike: The kids all made fun of you, huh?
Archie: Yeah, they all made fun of me. Except for this one little black kid named Winston.
Mike: A black kid liked you?
Archie: No, the black kid beat the hell out of me.
Mike: Why? He must have had a reason.
Archie: Well he said that I said he was a nigger.
Mike: Did you?
Archie: Sure. That's what all them people were called in them days. Everybody we knew called them people niggers. It's all my old man called'em there. What the hell was I supposed to do? I didn't know what to call them. I couldn't call him a Wop. I couldn't call him Wop, 'cause Wop is what we called the Dagos.

Movie: All In
Rick: I don't know about three-ways, I always feel like I'm going to be the one voted off the island.

Movie: All In
Stephanie Mills: I'd like to go to the John.
Edith Bunker: We're going to the John.
Archie Bunker: I heard. [to Floyd]
Archie Bunker: John? Couldn't you have taught her to say toilet like educated people?
Floyd Mills: I try the best I can.
Archie Bunker: Well you failed.

Movie: All In