Alex Strangelove Quotes

Alex: I'm sorry I was such a shitty boyfriend.
Claire: No. No, you're the best gay boyfriend a girl could have. [they both laugh]
Alex: That's funny.

Movie: Alex Strangelove
Elliot: What I don't get is... How do you know if you're like a good person?
Alex: I feel like if you're asking yourself that question, you're probably a good person. At least you're trying.

Movie: Alex Strangelove
Elliot: And the shitty thing is, guys like my dad, they're giving Jesus a bad name, okay? Because from all that I know, Jesus was amazing. I mean, I don't know, he helped out the poor and sick, okay, he loves you unconditionally... [Alex says yes with his head]
Elliot: I just think all those kids with their WWJD wristbands need to ask themselves: What would Jesus actually do? Call me a faggot loser?
Alex: Did your dad call you that?
Elliot: It's not really worth getting into.

Movie: Alex Strangelove