Albion: The Enchanted Stallion Quotes

Eremon: There's nothing good about me, Evelyn. Nothing. I've done things that your innocent little mind couldn't even imagine. I am the reason children are afraid of the dark. I am the jackal that preys upon the wounded. I love not. I feel not. I care not. If you're looking for a savior, be prepared to be very disappointed in me.

Movie: Albion: The Enchanted Stallion
General Eeder: [of Eriu]I would like her beaten, please, and then killed.
Eremon: Of course, my lord.
General Eeder: And when she's quite dead, beat her again.
Eremon: We will be merciless, my lord.
LÝr: I volunteer to be beaten in her place!
Eriu: Be quiet, LÝr!
LÝr: I will not.
LÝr: [to the general]Look at this beautiful face. Is this not the face of a man who deserves to be beaten? I can't imagine looking at your face. The least you can do is have a few good swings at this masterpiece that stands before you. Why waste your time beating this... imp?
Eriu: Do you really think I look like an imp?
LÝr: [whispering]No, I, I just lied. It felt exhilarating.

Movie: Albion: The Enchanted Stallion
LÝr: If we are to perish here tonight, I feel I must... share my feelings with you, openly.
Eriu: I don't know that even now is the...
LÝr: [holding her mouth shut with his fingers]Hush... my scarlet beauty. Though you are not as fair as I. Just being honest here.
Eriu: Move past this part swiftly.
LÝr: Of course. Where was I? Though you're not as fair as I... Oh, yes. Though you are not as fair as... You know that part.
Eriu: Yeah.
LÝr: You have always possessed... a singularity that I have found... quite intoxicating. You're not like any woman that I know. You do not fawn after me or... send me gifts or write me poems describing my... [she clears her throat, which he mimics]
LÝr: In short, you make me want to be... different than I am. So that you might... favor me.
Eriu: You don't have to be different, LÝr. You might want to talk about 95 less, though.

Movie: Albion: The Enchanted Stallion