Aftermath Quotes

Roman: Look at this photo. I would like for someone to say that they're sorry for killing my family.

Movie: Aftermath
Roman: Maybe I should spend less time at the cemetery. The only thing is that Nadiya and Olena are there. They can't leave. So I go there and visit them, because... they can't go anywhere. They can't...

Movie: Aftermath
Brad: [Brad laughs nervously]Really, uh... it just doesn't make any sense, though. I mean... It's just dark, you know? This is... This is Texas, man! It's like... it's like, 55 degrees in this shit, [Brad sighs]
Brad: You know what I think? The government, man... They've gotta have, like... uh...
Elizabeth: There is no government...
Brad: ...something up their sleeve.
Elizabeth: There is not government anymore, Brad! So many of those things have gone off that we can't even fucking see the sun anymore!
Brad: Look, there's always a government, all right? Somebody did this to us! I wanna find out if we did anything back to them!
Elizabeth: Who the fuck cares? Hunter and I were on the shortwave last light, and everybody is going through the exact same thing we are, okay?
Brad: Fucking bitch! I wanna know what the President did! I wanna know. I wanna know what we're doing... Fuck!

Movie: Aftermath
Brad: Are you fucking crazy? Gonna make my wife, piss in a Goddamn bucket?

Movie: Aftermath
Brad: Get away from me!

Movie: Aftermath
Franciszek Kalina: So, what made you do it?
J¾zef Kalina: Beats me. So many things aren't right, but we live with them anyway because there's nothing you can do about it. But I think that some things are more wrong than others. It's like, you see a guy lying drunk in the street, you walk on by, 'cause you think, He's drunk, and you got your own problems and all. But when it's a child lying there, you just can't walk by. Understand?
Franciszek Kalina: Go on.
J¾zef Kalina: The Germans destroyed that cemetery. I can't help that, I wasn't even born then. They paved the road with gravestones, now that's very wrong, but I didn't know about that either. It was only when folks started talking about covering up that old road with asphalt that I thought, No way. At first I hoped the county would do something, but then I saw people driving up and down the road, all happy that it's nice and even.
Franciszek Kalina: I understand all that, but why you? We never had anything to do with the Yids.
J¾zef Kalina: Beats me, I'm telling you I don't know why. It made me feel bad. I kept thinking, This is wrong. What if someone tore up our parents' headstone and put it by the church door so folks wouldn't get their feet muddy?
Franciszek Kalina: Joziu, but these are total strangers. They're not even our people. Not to mention they've been dead 100 years. Your family's alive. Why should they suffer because of some Jewish foolery?
J¾zef Kalina: I know it's wrong, but I had to do it.
Franciszek Kalina: Jews in Chicago, I know what they're like... What was that about the church?
J¾zef Kalina: I found out that they laid some of the stones around the well.
Franciszek Kalina: J¾zek, don't even think about it.
J¾zef Kalina: Why not? The parish priest doesn't mind. He said I could take them away. That young priest's not too happy about it, but there's nothing

Movie: Aftermath