Adventures of Red Ryder Quotes

One-Eye Chapin: It's Red Ryder! Hit your saddles!

Movie: Adventures of Red Ryder
Red Ryder: Chapin doesn't even take a drink unless Hanlon tells him to. Colonel Tom Ryder [Ch. 1]: If I only knew what was behind all this burning and shooting, I'd know how to fight.
Red Ryder: If you ask me, Hanlon's behind it. He always wanted rustlers rather than honest men around him. Colonel Tom Ryder [Ch. 1]: Something more than that, son. Someone big is behind all this... someone mighty big.
Red Ryder: Well big or little, let's smoke him out and put a rope brand on his neck. Colonel Tom Ryder [Ch. 1]: Oh, somebody will swing for it all right. When the time comes, we'll let the Territory buy the rope. We'll use ours for working cattle.

Movie: Adventures of Red Ryder